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Blood to Blood - Ife Oshun I was offered this book to review as part of a blog tour and having not heard of it before was a little sceptical. The blurb is also a little vague and I had no idea what I was about to pick up. But I started it straight away and had it finished within a few days! I really loved it! It's the perfect mix of Twilight and The Immortal Rules and I completely devoured it!It was a little slow starting but you immediately get set on the plot line and once you get in to it, it is clear that the book is going to be amazing! It offers a great new look at the Vampire world which can be a little predictable after Twilight which worried me a little: you never know what you are getting in to with Vampire books. But this was completely different! The main character, Angel Brown, is lovable and sweet, if not a little blood-thirsty! I loved reading about her transformation from human to vampire and watching her struggle to come to terms with her evergrowing thirst for human blood. And now I shall talk about Sawyer Creed. Isn't that just an awesome name? I really loved him, right from the start! I was screaming at Angel to love him like I loved him! What made this romance believable was that Angel didn't instantly like him: she actually hated him, even when she hadn't met him! No insta-love in this book! I don't know a lot about the music industry but this gave a lovely insight in to the music world and I felt very comfortable reading about it. I also really loved the idea of a 'blood bank' where the Vampires go to feed off humans. It's not something that I've read about before and it was great to read about something new. The settings were believable and enjoyable to read. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am hoping that there will be a second book for me to devour! It was well-written and had a story line that I loved!RATING: 5/5