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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia I'd heard some really amazing things about this book. It was popping up all over Twitter and in the end I knew I had to buy it. So I clicked the 'buy' button on my Kindle, hoping that I wouldn't regret the purchase. After all, I'd only quickly scanned the blurb and didn't really know what I was about to read. After reading the first few pages I was in love. I was hooked, right from the start.11/03page 29251.0%"AHHHHH"11/03page 12422.0%"BRING ON THE MOVIE! Seriously, how can someone write such an amazing book?!"11/02page 6411.0%"Have to force myself to put it down"11/02page 386.0%"THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!"-My Goodreads progressI loved how it was written in Ethan's point of view. I haven't read many books solely written in a boy's perspective so I was a little wary, but it was refreshing and a nice change. If it were written in Lena's POV then we wouldn't have been left guessing and it would have been quite boring. Ethan was totally clueless and didn't know anything about Lena, which made it even better.It's a very bone-chilling, creepy book and it sent shivers down my spine at many different points in the book. It was nice not to have to read about vampires, werewolves and other popular mythical creatures and I loved reading about the Caster world, which I knew nothing about. Lena was very mysterious and I really liked her because she wasn't your typical YA main female character. This girl is no Katniss Everdeen, no Kat Bishop, no Bella Swan. No, she is a completely new type of YA character. She's unique and I really love her (in a sisterly way, of course)! Now let's move on to Ethan Lawson Wate (the name! eep!). It says it all in the name. I loved how much he loved Lena, even before they met. And he never gave up on her, either. I am practically crying just thinking about the fact that he is a fictional character. Why can't he be real?! I really love the cover! The trees are so spooky and title instantly jumps out at you. I was wondering throughout the book why the book was actually called Beautiful Creatures. I found a quote on Goodreads but if I hadn't seen the quote I would still be clueless. I love the title but it was a little confusing to me. Overall, I really loved this book and I've added it to my favourites shelf on Goodreads. I loved it so much and can't wait to read the next one in the series, Beautiful Darkness. Bring on the movie!RATING: 5/5Favourites Shelf