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Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines I was just casually strolling through the Kindle book store the other day when I saw this book and, having heard good things about the author, bought it. I was in the mood for a good romance and I was given it!I really like the idea of the plot and it was a light read that I didn't have to think too carefully about. The overall characterisation was good as well and I really loved characters such as Ms. Mary and Mr. Greg. It isn't one of my favourite books but I'm very eager to read more of Abbi Glines' books as this one was enjoyable and fun. I also liked the fact that Sadie was new to Sea Breeze and so we got to see it first-hand through her eyes. I also felt a great sympathy for her as her mother wasn't the easiest person and she had brought herself up from an early age. I really liked Jax and, although he isn't one of my favourite love interests, he was certainly quite high on my list. He wasn't the typical love interest and he had many unique points. Many of my favourite lines came from his mouth. Is it weird that I actually wanted Marcus and Sadie to get together? I really liked Marcus and wanted him to have his chance with Sadie. But maybe I can imagine that, in my mind, they got together for a bit. Then Marcus won't be too upset...I got really annoyed in places about the constant use of the words "I'm afraid" and "however". I also found that the characters spoke in a very formal way, something that teenagers nowadays wouldn't do. Yes, this did irritate me, but in the scale of things it is only minor.Look at that gorgeous cover! I love it! This would be a great addition to my bookshelf but sadly I've already bought it for my Kindle. Sometimes I don't like actual people on the covers but the girl actually looks like what I imagine Sadie to look like and so it doesn't really bother me. I also love the light cover and the writing really stands out.I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the others in the Sea Breeze series. RATING: 4/5 starsMy favourite quotes'You're everything I write about in my songs but can never have.''You got a boy right there who looks like he would drink your bathwater if you ask him.''I'm here because the reason I get up each morning, needs me as much as I need her, obviously.'