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Wither - Lauren DeStefano With huge dystopian elements and brilliant writing, Wither seemed very promising and I was quick to think it was like The Hunger Games; and although there are many similarities, this is no The Hunger Games. Set in futuristic America, Wither explores the ideas of what would happen if we were to find a cure for cancer. For something that affects a lot of us nowadays (most people know someone who has suffered), DeStefano has shown us that, actually, things could be a lot worse. In this world, the lifespan of people has dramatically dropped; men live to 25, women live until 20. In this thought-proving read, DeStefano has wrenched readers hearts from their bodies and made them feel exactly what the characters are experiencing.Going back to The Hunger Games, I thought that, at the start, the way in which DeStefano wrote from Rhine's point of view was very similar to the way that Collins wrote from Katniss' perspective. Rhine had been thrown in to this crazy situation and torn from her old life. It was very easy for the reader to feel sympathetic because from a young age was responsible for her and her twin brother's life. She had a lot of pent up anger and it was easy to understand her feelings from the narrative.I was horrified by the character of Cecily. Being the same age as me, it was frightening to see the way she was. If that was me, I know that I would act completely different. Cecily was a complete antithesis of Rhine which their interactions with each other more dramatic and it really added tension.Linden was the House Governor and husband to the sister wives- Jenna, Rhine and Cecily. He only wanted his wives to be happy and, having not experienced the things that the girls had, he was a little bit clueless to their needs. But this made him the character that he was and I can see why many people would choose Team Linden over Team Gabriel- Gabriel being the servant that Rhine felt an attraction to.This novel is full of amazing world building and DeStefano really tells the readers the nitty gritty details that makes them a part of the world. I found the illusions interesting. They're intriguing and show the reader that the world that has been written about is very fake.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have already borrowed the second one from my library because I am still living in the world that has been created, even after putting down the book.