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Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi I tried to read this novel a few months ago but never got past the first page so when I saw it in a charity shop, I knew that I would have to try again.Aria has lived in Reverie all of her life- a dome where people can flick between imaginary worlds just by thinking about it.Perry is an Outsider. Living in the Tides, he is a hunter, born to look after his tribe.So when, after a turn of fate, the two meet, an arduous journey of identity and faith begins. The thing that draws the reader- and drew me- in right is the world building. I was asking questions in all of the right places, which were in turn answered. The only problem I had was that I wish we knew more about the Unity, the time when Reverie and the pod was built. There were mentions of it but we never really learned about how the Unity came to happen.The novel had very strong characterisation. The main female protagonist, Aria, is very different to the usual YA females that we are used to seeing. I could really get into her head and anticipate her next moves. A big part of the novel is based around her transformation. It was something that I enjoyed reading about and found very interesting.Perry, our male protagonist, is brave and tough. In the novel we see him open up and change. Really, this is a novel all about discovery. At the start of the novel we see a Perry that is very different from the one that is shown at the end. Perry is definitely one of my favourite male protagonists.I must mention the style in which this novel is written. It is written in third person, which would normally bother me because the majority of books that I read are in first person. I was surprised at how much I liked it and am definitely going to try and read more novels written in the third person.This novel is a unique dystopian. I loved the idea of the Realms which are really just computer games that you can jump in to and control. It was also nice to read a novel where the plot was completely original because most of the novels in the YA genre are the same now.I thoroughly enjoyed Under the Never Sky and can't wait to get started on Through the Ever Night. Rossi has created a thrilling and compelling novel that will keep readers captivated throughout.