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Dance of Shadows - Yelena Black I was asked to review this book by Scholastic and, having not heard of it before, was immediately interested. As soon as I saw the cover, I let out a squeal and started kissing it. Let's hope nobody saw me!When Vanessa is accepted into the prestigious New York Ballet Academy, she is instantly relieved. Being accepted means being able to go back to the last place her sister was seen before her disappearance. But is the New York Ballet Academy all that it seems? Find out in this novel of mystery, romance and the supernatural.Classifying this novel into one particular genre is rather hard. I really didn't know what to expect at first and then all these different elements started to hit me and I was very surprised. This book had so many twists and turns that kept me captivated throughout.The main character, Vanessa, was passionate and determined. She could be incredibly annoying at times and there were a few occasions when I could have shaken her but this was also a good example of how the author uses dramatic irony to convey her point.I wasn't really sure if there was supposed to be a love triangle going on because it wasn't really clear. I'm looking forward to reading about the romantic aspects, however, in the second book because it has me interested.This is a book all about hopes and dreams. I mean, who hasn't pointed their toes and pretended they were in Swan Lake? My friend does ballet and so I'm looking forward to baffling her when I know all of the fancy ballet terms that were featured in the book.After talking to a bookseller on Twitter, we decided to start a campaign to sell a tutu with every book. So, you see, this book has also brought me a lot of fun conversations!I enjoyed Dance of Shadows a lot more than I expected and am really looking forward to reading the second book. It's a book full of excitement, dark stories and passion.