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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally The blogosphere was crazy about this book last year and so when I saw it so cheap on the Kindle store I knew that I had to buy it. My thoughts? Miranda Kenneally is a genius!Our main character, Jordan, is so awesome that I just want to move to Hundred Oaks so that I can be best friends with her. Her dedication to football (American football to all English people) was admirable and she was a really good role model. I liked the fact that she wasn't particularly girly and didn't have a lot of friends besides the ones on her team. She also had a lot of problems at home. Her dad was incredibly annoying and I really did want to shout at him.Ty Green was your typical jock character. Yes, I enjoyed reading about him but there was something holding me back throughout. There was something off about him. I did feel sorry for him though, so I wasn't completely heartless! His past did explain the way he reacted in certain situations.Now on to, SAM HENRY! I loved him right from the start! He was Jordan's best friend and I really loved their relationship. There were times in the novel when I could have screamed at him (you'll understand if you've read the novel!) but they were special circumstances.I was left reeling at the ending. I couldn't believe that it was left so amazingly but I also couldn't believe that Miranda Kenneally was a mind reader! It was written exactly as I would have ended it. It was definitely the definition of perfect!