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The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen You can see my review herePrior to picking this up, I'd only read one Sarah Dessen book- The Truth About Forever. I'd really enjoyed it and so, after hearing good things about her latest, The Moon and More, I decided to buy it. I'm so glad I did because The Moon and More was a perfect summer read.The Moon and More is set in the fictional town of Colby and, boy, do I wish it was real! Dessen got the setting just right and I much preferred it to some books that are set in real places.It's Emaline's last summer before she goes off to college, leaving her hometown, Colby, and her family behind. Her life has always had the same familiarities until now. When Ivy, a film maker from New York, and her assistant, Theo, arrive in Colby everything changes. Suddenly, the summer starts getting busier and busier and Emaline has to face old problems being brought back up.I really liked Emaline as the main protagonist. The book flowed really well written in her perspective and Dessen had created a consist character. She was the sort of girl that you could easily become friends with and I'd happily read another book about her.I wasn't a huge fan of Theo, right from the start. His mannerisms really bugged me and I couldn't see why Emaline liked him. He was just so annoying!However, I did like Luke and found him so adorable. I craved the scenes he was in and his interaction with Emaline was just so sweet.The relationships between the characters was something I really loved. Emaline was so close to her family and it was nice to see a happy family unit, rather than one that has a lot of issues like we see in many YA books.I completely adored The Moon and More and will definitely be raiding my library for more Sarah Dessen books now.