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Click to Subscribe - L.M. Augustine You can read more of my reviews at Queen of ContemporaryEven pre-release, this book has been spreading around the blogosphere like wildfire. So many of my Goodreads friends have added this to their wishlists and this makes me really happy because I loved this book.West Ryder is a vlogger. With 1, 135, 789 followers, it’s only natural that he’d feels some sort of emotion for them. But what he feels for Harper Knight isn’t something that would be considered normal. Who is this girl, and why is he so fascinated with her?Where do I start? This was such a fun and quirky book and I finished it really quickly. It may have caused an argument or two, me not wanting to put it down and my parents forcing me to sleep.I loved the interacting between West and Cat. It was clear how much their friendship meant to each other and I felt comfortable reading about them both. Although a little predictable in places and with a few cheesy lines, I really enjoyed Click to Subscribe and will definitely be looking out for more by the author.