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Adorkable - Sarra Manning I mainly picked up Adorkable because it said that the main character was a blogger. I thought that it might be interesting and it was contemporary as well, which is a major bonus. Adorkable was more than that, though. It's a novel about identity and self confidence but also about living your life and not worrying what other people think of you.Jeane, our female protagonist, is a blogger, owner of her own brand, and major Twitter addict. She made me laugh, and she also made me want to throw stuff in rage. That's a good thing, by they way. I was pleased that I felt such emotions because some characters make me want to eat cardboard. Seriously. She had this really amazing sense of humour and I'm sure that I'll be using some of her lines in the future!So maybe Michael Lee wasn't one of my favourite love interests, but does it really matter? I was really surprised when I saw that some chapters were written from his perspective but this was actually something I was glad of because if the whole novel was written in Jeane's point of view then I may have had to hit my head repeatedly on a table. She can be a little bit too much sometimes!The other characters were really great too and I really wanted to slap Heidi. Scarlett and Barney were sweet too and I had a cuteness overload every time Alice and Melly were in a scene!I really liked the plot ideas and it kept me reading throughout. There were some scenes where I felt a little uncomfortable and there was also a lot of sexual references but the book's general awesomeness and dorkiness really made up for this.I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read other books by Sarra Manning! Is there an Adorkable fandom because I am totally joining it if there is?! And finally: Adorkable for life!RATING: 5/5