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Undone - Cat Clarke Jem Halliday has been in love with her best friend, Kai, since she can remember. There's just one problem: Kai is gay. When a tape of Kai gets spread around the school, he can't take it any more and takes his own life, despite always having been a happy and cheerful person.One month on and Jem decides that she can't live without Kai. But then an envelope turns up. Containing twelve envelopes, one to open each month, Jem decides to hang on for a little while and find out who caused Kai to commit suicide.Having not read any of Clarke's novels before, I was looking forward to delving into the author's novels after hearing amazing things about them; I was not disappointed.The protagonist, Jem, was clearly in a bad state. Who wouldn't be if they were in her situation? I've seen a few reviews where people have said that they didn't like her very much but I must disagree. Some people might say that some of the things she did were stupid but I think they were totally right. Her reactions to certain situations were completely right and I really think you need to insert your brain into the head of a grieving and sad person before picking this book up.Having recently suffered a loss, I was blown away by how Clarke managed to write about the feelings that I had bottled up for so long. It was as if she had somehow gotten inside my head and I was a little overwhelmed at times. The pure emotion underlying the words is both magical and sometimes a little scary- how is it that one person can make you feel so many things at once? I was only a few pages in when I started to feel emotional.I loved the way in which Undone was written. The thing that I love the most about UKYA is that I can understand it a lot better than US fiction. This book doesn't proclaim to be written in a fancy way nor does it try and write things simply. Clarke has played with those feelings of darkness and despair in us all and shown us that it isn't wrong to grieve.I loved Undone so much and will definitely be reading more by the author. Words cannot describe just how I felt about this book and I have already gone about recommending it to people.