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Diary of a Mall Girl - Luisa Plaja Written in the voice of Molly, a typical teenage girl, this is a novel that girls will be able to relate to and enjoy. Plaja has created a fun and realistic environment in which teens can read about and escape into this world full of both hilarious and cringe-worthy moments.Lets face it: teenagers have a hard life. The teen years are all about discovering yourself and this is what is happening to Molly. At the start of the novel we see her fuming over a fight with her best friends and this is the first hint we get at her character. Although not the most commanding person, we gradually see her confidence build and she then turns into a character that the reader feels comfortable getting to know. This is a story all about discovery and it becomes a major theme. Molly's life is changing and a lot of the other, secondary characters' as well. Molly lives in a shopping mall and it's easy to conjure up the image of her surroundings. It's a very clever idea and I'm sure many people dream of living in a place where they can walk out of there front door and come face to face with hundreds of shops. Yet Plaja has flipped these images and created a contrast where Molly begins to regret living where she does. This was a light-hearted and exciting novel that I greatly enjoyed. After reading I definitely felt like finding a shopping mall and seeing if I could find some of the characters for myself! Maybe not...