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Dash & Lilys Book of Dares

Dash & Lilys Book of Dares - 'Rachel Cohn',  'David Levithan' I was accepted to review this book on Netgalley the day after I ordered it so I'm glad that it was worth it.Dash and Lily's Book of Dares is set in New York and follows the lives of both Dash and Lily. After her parent's abandon her at Christmas with her brother, Lily is at a bit of an odd end, and so when her brother suggests leaving a notebook leaving clues in her favourite section of The Strand bookshop, Lily patiently waits for her 'true love' to turn up.Enter Dash. Lodging between his parents homes he comes across a mysterious notebook and follows the steps written in them. Why not?There starts a journey across New York with Dash and Lily setting each other dares to complete.One of the things I loved most about this novel was this it was believable. The streets of New York were described in such a way that they were vivid and clear, even to someone who has never been to New York.I liked that Lily was a little eccentric and different. She was quirky and I felt as if I knew her well. She didn't have many faults, actually, but that didn't make her seem 'perfect.' She was just the sort of character that I wanted to hug.Dash wasn't your typical YA male. I found him different and he suited Lily for exactly that reason.This contemporary was a little different to the ones I usually read. Most are set in high schools now and so it was good to read something that wasn't the norm. It had a solid plot and interesting characters that willed me to read on. This book would actually be a great movie!I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to read other books by the two authors. If you want romance, adventure and a good laugh then don't hesitate to pick this up.