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Geek Girl - Holly Smale I read Geek Girl back in November and really enjoyed it. Being my first ever review book, I was really excited about starting it.Harriet Manners is a geek. There's no other way to put it. When Harriet is spotted by a modelling agency, her life promises to change in many different ways. But will Harriet embrace the changes or go running back to her normal life?I must first of all mention the gorgeous cover. I love how geeky it is but also incorporates a cool air that will have anyone running towards it. I have the proof copy but will be buying the finished version as soon as possible. The designers really have created a masterpiece here. I can't wait to finally spot it in shops; I'm sure it will catch everyone's eyes!The cover may be amazing but it's nothing compared to the writing. Holly Smale has been able to write a realistic and humorous from the point of view of funny and completely adorable Harriet. The inclusion of the lists was something I liked and I also liked the facts dropped in at regular intervals. This was actually a very educational and informative read.Harriet was a character that I just wanted to hug. The novel is written from her point of view which really made it so many times better. Harriet's character was instantly recognisable because we all have a smart side to us; Harriet's was just more pronounced. There were a lot of occasions when I felt sorry for her, particularly the scenes including Alexa and her awful attitude. Would it be okay to jump into the world and just slap her? Okay, maybe not...Even in his snotty form, I loved Toby. Who wouldn't want a stalker like him?! Toby and Harriet were so alike, yet she didn't like him very much, which led to it being very funny. Metamorphosis plays a big part in this novel and we see Harriet transform from a normal caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Smale has created a world that people can read about where they can be themselves and not be afraid of being unique. Harriet is an inspirational character and one that I think people will look up to.I must now add that Holly Smale is a genius. To be able to think up and write a novel like this is amazing and I am really looking forward to reading more of her novels. She is also such a funny and generally nice person so it's easy to see why this novel is as good as it is.I'm really looking forward to reading more about these characters and already we are beginning to see where future novels may lead. I must now add: is it normal to want to jump into a literary world and want to hug all of the characters?!