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The Hit - Melvin Burgess The Hit is all about revolution, rebellion and revolt. With its amazing premise, it's no surprise that this was a book that I really enjoyed reading.Death. It's a drug that will give you the best week of your life and then kill you. So why take it? What's the point? After a famous singer takes Death and then drops dead on stage, a rebellion starts and then people find themselves taking this lethal drug. Adam and Lizzie find themselves in the middle of the revolt and they then find that their lives are changing. But then Adam takes Death. Will he realise his mistake before it's too late?This book is full of twists and turns that kept me reading on. THE HIT isn't something that I'd usually read but I was surprised to find that I really liked it.Burgess has thrown the reader into a world where there are riots, crime and the people have had enough. One of the worrying things was that this world was not actually that far from our own. Burgess has taken the bad aspects of our world and put them altogether. The worldbuilding was one of my favourite things about this novel.I think having this written in third person really added something because it meant that we got to see a wider part of the plot.Adam was a really interested character and, although I didn't agree with all of his actions, I did like him as a person. Throughout the book, we really see him mature. Some of the changes that he goes through are rather sad because they aren't done by choice but thrown at him.Lizzie was also a really good character and I found myself warming to her instantly. Although, just like with Adam, I didn't agree with some of the things she did, her actions always added to the plot and kept me wanting to read on.I really loved the ending. There were so many sub-plots so I was never sure of how it actually would end; I was really worried that I would end up crying. Luckily, I wasn't in need of tissues but I still felt pretty emotional and a wave of relief rolled over me.This book kept me gripped and it's something that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for something a little different and exciting.